People are the key to our success, growth and longevity

Wigley Investment Holding Ltd’s commitment to corporate governance provides a framework for ensuring those people have a safe and healthy environment from which to work – be that within or alongside the organisation.

This dedication goes beyond health and safety, expanding to welfare, rights, business continuity and the environment. We achieve this through ongoing regulatory compliance and an ethos of always acting from a position of integrity.

Wigley Investment Holdings has an integrated management system and is proudly certificated to ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001. These provide our clients with confidence that we are audited externally and show we are meeting set requirements. They also show we are continuously improving to promote the long-term sustainable success of our portfolio of companies.

Trust, honesty and integrity have been positioned at the core of all of our relationships for the last 60 years, and it is these qualities that allow us to achieve the high standards we set for ourselves.

In addition to our own internal standards, we utilise our Non-Executive Directors to provide us with specialist guidance and detailed scrutiny. Each of them providing decades of combined experience in the legal, financial and communications sectors.

Wigley is proud to do the right thing each and every time – not just in the boardroom – and this is the culture, which is disseminated throughout our portfolio of companies.

For further details about Wigley Investment Holdings’ approach to governance and compliance, or to obtain information on our policies, please contact us.

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