Wigley Connect Ltd

Wigley Connect acts as an accelerator for the growth and performance of all Wigley Investment Holdings businesses and selected partners by providing support services that unlock their potential. These services include Office Management, Administration, Finance, Cyber & IT, Marketing and Compliance.

  • Tailored
    The team has a deep understanding of our businesses, and their service is designed around each one’s specific needs. These needs are anticipated and adapted to changing circumstances.
  • Critical
    The core function of Wigley Connect Limited is to provide the foundation for business success. They are efficient in how they work to maximise the team’s time, adopting and evolving systems and technologies to stay one step ahead. This includes delivering and promoting sustainable solutions that protect the environment.
  • Integrated
    The team is seamlessly embedded within the portfolio of companies so their service can be fully effective. They listen carefully and communicate clearly between business functions, always looking for opportunities to improve what they do and better support their businesses. Intelligent reporting facilities improved decision-making.

Wigley Connect is led by Director Danny Leitch, who has been part of the team since July 2023.

Danny is a former British Army Major with a proven background in Operational Leadership and Management. He is a graduate of the UKs Defence Academy, Intermediate Command and Staff Program with 30 years of experience in operational delivery, planning, organisational agility, and resilience.

As Director, Danny is responsible for the overall delivery of Wigley Connect’s core functions, enabling growth and enhanced performance for the Wigley Investment Holdings portfolio of companies and selected clients.

Find out more about the teams within Wigley Connect below.

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